What is the film about?


Ripping Out the Bar follows a community in East London that wants to bring its local pub back to life. It also looks at why pubs are closing at a rate of more than 20 a week. Is this great British institution, beloved around the world, in terminal decline?


Who made the film?


Ripping Out the Bar is a 100% independent production self-funded and shot by a journalist and a TV producer. You can find out more about us on the crew page.


Why did you make the film?


We wanted the challenge of attempting a film project and years ago we had the idea of doing a behind-the-scenes look at the pub industry. But as we researched the subject, including days we spent filming in pubs and interviewing people, we realised there was a bigger story to be told about pubs being under threat.


How long is the film?


It is 30 minutes and 30 seconds long.

What do you want to achieve with this film?


We hope people will watch the documentary and enjoy it, and perhaps think a little bit more about an industry that has existed for hundreds of years but has always been taken for granted. It is not guaranteed that your local pub will survive without support. We also hope the film may inspire others in their campaigns to save their locals.


Where can I see the film?


Ripping Out the Bar will be available online soon. In the meantime, keep checking the Screenings page for more information about showings.


Can I host a screening of the film?

You certainly can. Contact us here: rippingoutthebar@gmail.com